PT Rajamandala Elektrik Power (REP)

Rajamandala Electric Power (REP) is a Special Purpose Company in cooperation with PT Indonesia Power (IP) and Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.(Kansai) to develop and operate Rajamandala HEPP. IP is focusing on its business activities as a big provider of electricity through power generation and maintenance of power plants spreading across Indonesia. Kansai has 152 hydro-power plants (total 8,226MW) in Japan, and is operating 2 hydropower plants and developing 2 hydro-power plants including Rajamandala HEPP overseas.

Indonesia is one of the most rapid growing countries in the world. Accordingly, it needs electric power for its economic growth. IP and Kansai are engaged in their resource usage to contribute the stable supply of electric power in Indonesia based on their technology and experience accumulated over years.

Rajamandala project has been implemented under full-turnkey contract scheme, so-called EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) contracts. However, our engineers have been eagerly and actively involved in design, engineering, construction quality management and tests and inspections in order to establish a high-quality plant. Rajamandala will be operated and maintained by REP for 30 years, and then transferred to PLN (Persero). Rajamandala is expected to contribute greatly to the stable power supply in West Java for long time.

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